Sunday, April 01, 2007

Seifert's devil's dictionary

The more Marty Seifert open's his mouth, letting ridiculous rhetoric spew out, the less respect I have for the man.

A Seifertism from the Strib's "short cuts".

Prochoice: A virtue applying only to abortion that should not be extended to schools, medical care, retirement, union membership, tobacco use or employee wages.

As opposed to the GOP verison of Pro-Life?

Pro-life until one is outside of the womb. Once born, a Minnesotan, under GOP rule, is subjected to substandard health care plans, sky rocketing higher tuition for our college students, filthy lakes for our fishing and recreation, higher property taxes for senior citizens, taxes passed off as fees, and wars that put our loved ones in harms way.

How can you be pro-war and pro-life?

Pro death penalty and pro-life?

Oh Marty...I feel sorry for you...

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