Sunday, March 04, 2007

SC Times smoking ban LTE

Haven't written too much about this lately. The SC Times has another good LTE on the proposed smoking ban.

Compromising health is simply not an acceptable middle ground for our state.

Our legislators should remember that 17 states have state smoke-free laws in effect, including California, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Montana, Vermont, Washington, Colorado and New Jersey.

Minnesota was once a leader in the area of clean indoor air protections; we could be again, if we seize this opportunity and pass the Freedom to Breathe Act this year.

As the bill for the ban continues to move through the capitol, it is my hope that they can continue to keep the ban as strong as it is, the original language. The more attempts we have to add this exemption or that exemption, the bill will be watered down and have a lessor impact on society.

Do the right thing and pass a full ban.

Anyone catch the medical use of marijuana bill?

For as many that argue against the issues behind second hand smoke, their are more skeptics behind the medicinal use of marijuana.

I love the irony though. Senator Dille supports a smoking ban but support medicinal pot use. Surely someone will try to argue the merits of smoking a cancer stick and it's medicinal impact on a smokers psyche.

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