Sunday, March 04, 2007

Veterans care commentary in the Strib

The Startibune has a commentary today on mental health care access for Veterans.

Combat is just the beginning of a larger battle for many soldiers....

A December 2006 report from the Army's Mental Health Advisory Team ... found that soldiers who come home from combat knowing they face redeployment are not able to return to "normal non-combat stress levels" before going to combat again.

It follows that suicide rates among active and returning soldiers continue to rise. The Department of Defense reports that in both 2005 and 2006 the suicide rate for soldiers in Iraq was twice as high as that for the general population. ... it's clear that a lack of equal and appropriate treatment for returning combat soldiers is a growing problem.

It seems extremely important at this time to show compassion for our soldiers whose lives are forever altered by the violence of war, to demand proper care and support for them when they return, and to insist that the national debate over Iraq continues.

I'd love to know what Congresswoman Bachmann is doing about these issues. Unfortunately, since she is such a staunch supporter of the President, we know it will only be lip service.

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