Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Capitol investment in the Capitol

My mom reads my blog on occasion. About a week ago she told me what was really bothering her about the happenings in St Paul, besides DFL tax increases.

The Capitol has been neglected for decades now. While all the partisan bickering has occurred under the dome and the roof, protecting our elected officials from the elements, not one of them sought efforts to protect one of the most beautiful Capitols in the nation. We could be like North Dakota and have a 15 story office building for our capitol!

My mom asked me, "Why can those politicians get a $30 raise everyday and not find the money to fix the capitol?"

The SC Times editorial board has an opinion on the issue, published in Monday's St Cloud Times.

It's a question that dominates coffee shops, restaurants and bars across Greater Minnesota.

What are our priorities? Surely something like this could not fall prey to partisan bickering!

I have heard lobbyists talking about the feel for what's going on at the capitol and they express a great deal of uncertainty as to what will actually happen.

Major bills in transportation, taxes, and higher education (depending on the DREAM Act) stand to be vetoed by the Governor.

Watching Dean Urdahl on TPT's Your Legislators speak yesterday, it seems like the Republican caucus is dug in and may be able to fend off any overrides of a Governor's veto.

Perhaps if we called the capitol a "political stadium" we could find the $250 million to refurbish a Minnesota landmark.

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