Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Welcome to Baghdad

On the way into work yesterday, I was able to listen to pundits like Jason Lewis, Sean Hannity and others discuss how Democrats and their calls for stronger gun control laws may have assisted this crazed gunman at the University of West Virginia yesterday.


Al Swearengen at deadissue has a great post up about the shooting and drawing comparisons to the everyday happenings in Iraq, 4 years after Mission Accomplished.
Consider the irony of what is about to become the most horrific mass murder
to be blitzed with every ounce of news media in our lifetimes, and how this
scene differs from an average Monday in Iraq, only lesser in size and the fact
that the perpetrator is not free to strike again, nor is he still breathing. In
contrast with what takes place in Iraq every day, the victims in Virginia
already enjoy the small (perhaps irrelevant) comfort of knowing their attacker
isn’t going to hurt anyone else.

Check out Al's work at deadissue.

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deadissue.com said...

Thanks brother - - - I dug up an old one I wrote in 2004, following the decision by Republicans to allow for the lapsing of the assault weapons ban:

"...The tradition of tragedies due to gun violence in America is being embraced by our president, and it will be because of him that one day we’ll all get to feel warm and fuzzy about one another over hearing about a kid somewhere who got his hands on one of these new rifles and brought it to the mall..."

I'll be reposting this today with a picture, so be on the lookout for 'Don't Assault Our Tragedies'