Monday, April 16, 2007

The partisan choir

The SC Times opinion page editor Randy Krebs wrote an opinion Sunday about how partisan newly elected State Rep Steve Gottwalt has been in the Minnesota House.

Krebs chides Gottwalt for his extremely partisan rantings on a local St Cloud radio show.

The same criticism can be made of Rep Dean Urdahl as well. While watching him on TPT Your Legislators, he comes off as a balanced and moderate legislator.

At forums in Hutchinson, Litchfield, Grove City, and Cokato, all of those running in the recent election discussed their uncanny abilities to work with "the other party" to get things done for our citizens. Rep Urdahl stressed his previous efforts in bringing Keith Ellison and other metro Democrats out into our area to tour various facilities.

Field trips do not show bi-partisanship.

Actions in St Paul show bi-partisanship.

His recent writings in the Annandale Advocate and other local publications damning Democrats for tax increases, a lack of education funding, and late in the year snowfalls have left Urdahl in similar company to other legislators who have become extremely partisan recently.

While SD 18 has been Republican held for decades, however with the significant strides that the Meeker County DFL have made in the Meeker portion of SD 18, it may not stay Republican held much longer.

Urdahl would be better suited by following through with his campaign promises of working to stop the partisan bickering and not ride to coattails of Tom Emmer and Marty Seifert.

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