Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend update

A belated birthday to my former campaign manager / field director / singing partner and friend Nolan Pitlick!

Nolan turned 23 this past Friday and had a party at Gustav's in Northeast Minneapolis. Dori and I made it a bit later in the evening as I had to work, but good times were had by all! It was fun seeing some of the Bemidji folk again as well.

Saturday morning started bright and early again with a Meeker County DFL meeting in Litchfield. It was great seeing the Larsons, Deterts, and all of the other great Meeker County Democrats. The group has grown over the past several years and the county actually voted Blue this past election. The portion of Wright was significantly Red and swung the election to the GOP once again, but progress was made.

A few of us Wright County Democrats attended the meeting and discussed some initiatives we can pursue to make Wright County Blue again.

Sunday morning was my first golf outing of the year. I hit the course in Cokato for 9 holes of ineptitude. Despite lacking the ability to hit a ball straight, I still managed to leave the course with more golf balls than I started with (that 9th Hole tends to collect them). I hope that their are no pics of this event...

Otherwise, no blogging this weekend for me! I read a lot of great stuff out there, but it's getting too nice out to blog as much!

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