Thursday, April 05, 2007

Congresswoman Bachmann: The worst 3 hours in radio history

Well, I got to listen to most of Congresswoman Bachmann's attempt at radio today. I was not impressed.

A 3 hour local Conservative radio show and not one single call? The Jason Lewis program and 100.3 KTLK is well known for its phone calls. Jason takes calls every hour and they are integral to the show. Rod Gramms even took a ton of phone calls the day before.

4pm came, and I was listening intently on my drive into the Twin Cities tonight. The first hour came and went, not one phone call was taken. The Congresswoman stressed the listeners to email responses or questions, but none were read on air either.

Lloydletta at Dump Bachmann has a great opinion on what really happened at KTLK today.

Was the show pre-recorded? To steal a line from Mythbusters.

It's plausible.

Not even one local phone call or one single email made it on the air. Her multiple gaffes and the lack of syncing with the shows bumper music could also be a good indicator as well.

Oh what has happened to our Congresswoman?

She is really out of touch with the 6th CD.

Who did she have as guests?

Two people from the neo-con Heritage Foundation, a caller from the Kato Institute, one from the Center for the American Experiment, and Arthur Brooks, the author of a book "proving" conservatives are more compassionate than liberals when it comes to charity.

It was fun poppong back and forth from AM 950, catching Joe Bodel from Minnesota Campaign Report opine on Norm Coleman and other topics, but the happenings at KTLK today from 4-7 were just too much like an accident on 169.

I was in a KTLK Michele Bachmann gauker slow-down.

Regardless, one thing was confirmed today. The race in the 6th will be interesting in 2008. The Congresswoman has aligned herself with some very powerful Washington think tanks and other agencies. The money will be flowing into the 6th to keep her around.

Christopher Truscott's dead one right about both Bachmann and Kline. We need to find good candidates to run against these neo-cons and organize collectively to defeat them.

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Chris Truscott said...

I'm not too well-versed in equal time rules since I worked at newspapers rather than in media that broadcasts over the public airwaves.

That said, does Jason Lewis/his station owe 3 hours to a DFLer since Bachmann was given three hours to talk about anything she wants?

Does Bachmann have to claim this as a campaign contribution?

Maybe it's nothing.