Thursday, April 05, 2007

Is Tom Emmer running for Governor?

The thought never crossed my mind, until my site tracker showed 6 goggle searches today alone for Tom Emmer, Minnesota, Governor. All from a State of Minnesota computer too, around 2pm.

I know some Democrats in Buffalo who would like that.

The notion of Tom Emmer for Governor intrigues me. He's a true conservative, I doubt he would sell out like Governor Pawlenty, is well spoken, a nice guy, and seems to have a following. I don't agree with him on most of the issues, but like his passion. He'd be better than Seifert as minority leader, that's for sure.

The google searches have me thinking.

Other than Sue Jeffers, I can't really think of any Republican who is in a position to run for Governor.

The thought of Mark Kennedy makes me vomit.

Hmmmm...I'll watch Wright County Republican for the announcement.