Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Action Alert! Higher Education Conference Committee work

From a colleague!

The legislative leadership were expected to have their appropriation target to the higher education conference committee this past weekend. However, House majority leader Tony Sertich said they are still working out the details. This means that this has become a very difficult decision for them. We need to make it not so difficult.

The leadership is expected to release their targets by the end of the day.

Is the state of higher education in Minnesota important to you?

It is to me too!

Email leadership and ask them to keep higher education funding a top priority when deciding these appropriation targets.

Remind them that their decisions over the past several sessions have caused a more than 70% increase in tuition in Minnesota.

Larry Pogemiller (Senator, DFL) sen.lawrence.pogemiller@senate.mn
Tony Sertich (Representative, DFL) rep.tony.sertich@house.mn
Margaret Anderson-Kelliher (Representative, DFL) rep.margaret.kelliher@house.mn

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DJ Danielson said...

To email Sen. Pogemiller you have to use his webform; I guess he's too cool to use the same ole regular email all of us use: