Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More Smoking Ban Rhetoric by Minnesota Republicans

MN Publius, Dump Mark Olson, Larry Schumacher's Democracy at Work and the Big Question all have clips and quotes from Minnesota Republicans and their rhetoric they spew as they oppose a statewide smoking ban.

Rep Olson states that drinking 32 glasses of water after smoking will ensure you have no risk of cancer.
We all have cancer in our bodies, but keeping fully hydrated and maintaining a
proper pH balance keep the cancer cells at bay.

Wow, I wish we had known this 20 years ago. Imagine how many people we could have saved!

Despite all of Olson's eccentric quotes, nothing tops Rep. Mark Buesgens comparing DFL smoking bans to Nazi Germany.
“There was a party once back in the 1930s,” said the Republican from Jordan,
“called the National Socialist German Workers Party. They put on a smoking ban,
and I contend that that led to the erosion of people’s personal feelings of
responsibility and to more and more dependence of government taking care of
them. We’re headed down that path.”

Seriously? What's up? Didn't Marty Seifert want to deliver that pun?

Even Rep Seifert knew that remark was not funny.

Comparing support for a statewide smoking ban, which will save lives, to the most morally bankrupt group of leaders ever to live on this planet, is absolutely reprehensible.

I wonder if the people of Jordan are proud of their State Rep and his outrageous comments?

Instead of the rhetoric, why don't people like Olson, Buesgens, Seifert and Emmer get to work and actually work to represent and safeguard Minnesotan's.

I suppose though, when one is in the minority party, it's a lot more fun, and easier, to catch headlines with inappropriate comments.

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