Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bachmann in the SC Times

The SC Times has a story about Congresswoman Bachmann's topsy turvy first year in Congress.

The Bachmann agenda?
A former federal tax attorney, Bachmann also wants to reform the tax code
and repeal the alternative minimum tax and estate taxes.

She wants to have a national tax debate but declined to say what
specific reforms she would support.

As a member of the Republican Policy Committee, she is working on a
Taxpayer Bill of Rights to boost U.S. competitiveness by lowering taxes and
advocating a fairer and simpler tax code.

You would think as a "former federal tax attorney" that the Congresswoman would be pretty open about the reforms she would support.

And who could forget Bachmann's fetish with the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

The Congresswoman still does not understand Higher Education funding.
Bachmann has strayed from the GOP on only a few votes. One was legislation
to reduce the interest rates on student loans that passed the House in

"That vote actually won't bring down the costs of tuition," she said.
"It's a very expensive proposition. It just lowers that interest rate in half
for six months. ... It's not really addressing the essence of the problem. The
essence of the problem is that tuition is far exceeding the rate of

How could we expect the Congresswoman to understand who sets tuition? She only served 6 years in the Minnesota Senate and she did nothing for higher education.

Her justification for her vote in this piece of legislation plays upon the naivete of the voter. Tuition is set by the various systems across the state, after an appropriation from the State Legislature. The Federal Government has little to no influence on the tuition at Ridgewater College.

But they can help out students seeking lower cost student loans, which Bachmann failed to support.

Iran is still her mind. Perhaps she has heard John McCain sing "Bomb, bomb, bomb...bomb, bomb, Iran" a few too many times.
She said she has learned some lessons when she misspoke in a podcast
interview with the St. Cloud Times. Her remarks that Iran was planning to
partition Iraq and turn it into a "terrorist haven" made headlines.

"I made a misstatement. I did that, but my remarks were widely
misconstrued," she said. "What it taught me is that this is a serious position.
I need to be especially careful about the remarks that I make," she said.

Bachmann also said there is a double standard in the media because it
tends to have a "leftist bias."

"A pass can be given to a different point of view than mine," she said.
"I've had a lot more scrutiny than people who come from a liberal


She despite changing her story at least three times in regards to the Iran issue, she is holding true to the "my statement was misconstrued line".

Gotta love the lefty bias card too. For the record, if Patty Wetterling or John Binkowski kissed the President or made the statements about Iran, I am sure the media would have ripped them to shreds as well.

But then again...neither of these two individuals would have made excuse after excuse and changed their story...again and again.

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