Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pawlenty's lip service to the military

I hope you heard the interview with America Votes on Minnesota Matters last night!

If not, it was a very interesting interview.

About 20% of active duty soldiers deployed vote. I was shocked by that figure, those that are fighting for this country are not voting? It seems in some states, the election laws make it very difficult to obtain absentee ballots.

The Pentagon, in an effort to lessen the burden on our soldiers, came forth with a program to enable more soldiers to vote.

Legislation has been passed in 35 states, making the soldiers access to absentee ballots easier, some now even have the ability to fax in verification forms, speeding the process.

But Governor Pawlenty vetoed the State Government Finance Bill (SF 1997). A T-Paw veto? Imagine that.

The veto is a bit more disturbing though as the Governor cited the "Military Voting Bill" in his 5 page veto tirade.

He cited the need for more research on the issue.


35 states have passed this language. He could call one of his Governor buddies and find out more about the issue.

Hell, when the Governor was on one of his McCain events across the nation recently, he could have asked the Senator himself about the need for soldiers to have proper access to an absentee ballot.

I remember the fun I had to endure to get my absentee ballots in 92. It was tough in Germany!

I wonder if the National Guard men and women from Minnesota knew that Governor Tim "photo op" Pawlenty would be the bureaucratic roadblock impeding their ability to vote, when he snapped smarmy photos with them in Iraq and Afghanistan?

The lip service to our state's soldiers and Veterans continues from Governor Pawlenty. Embedded in many of the bills the Governor has vetoed are great initiatives that will help our state's Veterans and deployed National Guard men and women.

I wonder what Timmay's buddy Senator McCain would think about this?

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