Thursday, May 17, 2007

Democracy at Work

I don't recall if I have promoted this blog as of yet, so...

Larry Schumacher, political reporter for the SC Times, has a blog that follows the issues I try to follow, in much less partisan manner.

It's always nice to read the work of those "in the trenches"!

Check out Democracy at Work!

Here is a recent "gem".

Mark Olson is always good for a comment!
"I haven't even studied this extensively. I just became curious about it. And I
have received good evidence that it is false ... The national media is known for
wanting to tear down this country. They're known for wanting worldwide
redistribution of wealth. They're known for wanting a global government. In
general, not all of them. They're known for having an agenda."

Will Olson still be around for the 2008 session? I would have guessed he would have been expelled by now. However I also did not expect so many delays in the legal process.

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