Thursday, May 17, 2007

Will Urdahl flip flop?

The Transportation Bill passed both chambers, conference committee's and back to the chambers, where Democrats in the House secured a "veto proof" vote. Veto proof if those who voted for it, stay that way.

I was not surprised to see Rep. Dean Urdahl vote for the bill. He talked about the importance of funding transportation and at one point, was open to a gas tax increase.

At candidate forums across the district, he spoke of the dire need to address transportation issues in Greater Minnesota.

He voted for the 5 cent gas tax increase.

According to the West Central Tribune, Rep Urdahl appears to be backpedaling a bit on his gas tax stance.
Rep. Dean Urdahl, R-Grove City, said it was unlikely he would support an

And here we go.

Rep Urdahl is putting politics before people.

I wonder if this was before or after he was summoned to the Governor's office?

This vote pisses me off. I think Dean is a genuinely good guy. I have lobbied him on many issues over the years and have felt he has had the best interests of the people at heart when voting on these issues.

Perhaps multiple terms in the Minnesota House and being in the minority party have changed him.

Minnesota Matters host Mark Heaney spent considerable time last night urging listeners to call into Rep Urdahl's office and leave messages, urging Urdahl to "grow as spine" and support an override.

I tried to call into the radio show but never made it on the air! We'll keep trying though!

Many call our area a conservative area. While I agree that a conservative ideology is dominant, especially on the A side of SD 18, people also want leaders who are principled and genuine.

We seek leaders who make a well reasoned decision.

We support leaders who make that decision and hold to it.

To vote for a gas tax increase via the Transportation Bill and then come out and say that you do not support overriding the Governor's veto shows a strong lack of character.

Paul Wellstone once said, "If we don't stand up and fight for what we believe in, at some point, we must recognize that we really don't believe in it."

Rep Urdahl voted for the gas tax increase.

Will he show character and support an override of the Governor's veto?

Will he fold like a spineless, two faced jellyfish?

Will he put people before politics?

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newtbuster said...

The old "I voted for it before I voted against it" philosophy. That's always real popular with the electorate.