Friday, May 18, 2007

"Support our Troops": Veto any bill impacting them

Governor Pawlenty is playing the young padawan learner (which would explain the mullet a few years ago) to President Bush with the recent veto craze.

T-Paw vetoed the State Government Finance bill, and cited a measure to help soldiers deployed obtain absentee ballots as one reason for his veto.

In the Higher Education Bill, a Minnesota GI Bill plan emerged that would provide a Minnesota Veteran attending school in Minnesota, with up to $1000 per semester to defray the high costs of higher education in Minnesota. This will most likely be in any end of session compromise bill, but you never know.

And now to Pawlenty's dark master Bush (used to be Swiggum).

Think Progress reports that President Bush may veto a military spending package that includes a 3.5% pay increase, an increase in compensation to widows and the soldiers families who are killed, and price controls for prescription drugs under TRICARE.

A 3.5% pay increase vetoed?

Compensation for families vetoed?


It's ok for tax cuts for the wealthiest American's but for a Staff Sergeant leading a squad of 11 Infantry soldiers in Iraq, a pay increase from $31,000 to $32,085 is "unnecessary"?

It's still less than the bonuses the VA paid workers! Our friends at A Bluestem Prairie have been relentless on the issue.

I am so tired of watching Chickenhawk Republicans play politics with our soldiers and Veterans. Pawlenty and Bush both love the staged military photo op!

The House passed the bill 397-27. Congresswoman Bachmann voted...Yes? I had to double check to make sure it was not a mistake, but apparently, Congresswoman Bachmann supported the bill.

How will she vote if the House pushes to override a Presidential veto? That will be interesting to follow.

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This threatened veto on the .5% pay raise is something that should have been beaten to death on the Sunday talk shows...since I gave up watching those a while ago along with cable news, I don't know if that happened...part of the reason I gave up watching them is that I CAN GUARANTEE no Democrat had the good sense to do just that.

I wanted to comment on your Franken post...well, the post-game one. Great that you got to be a part of that! I kind of envy your situation a bit, as in Massachusetts it's not as easy to locate the enemy...having Norm Coleman to target has to be kind of fun on some days.

I'm halfway across the country, but I know quite well of Coleman's ability to do what he's told, regardless of who it hurts.

When the day comes when I can help out in some way, just say the word!