Thursday, May 03, 2007

Gophers in the NBA Draft?

Saw this on the Strib site.

Wow! I cannot believe that Tollackson and Coleman have even considered giving up their senior seasons for a shot at the NBA.

A long shot it would be.

I first thought it may have been a historical piece, looking at the 1987 Gopher team with Willie Burton, Melvin Newburn and Kevin Lynch (no disrespect to Richard Coffey or Jim Shikinjanski).

These two players aren't half the player Rick Rickert was. I hope they are not consulting the same people Rickert did.

If they do stick it out and go undrafted in the NBA, Yakima isn't such a bad place...

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Since I read all of your posts and my brother moved out to Wisconsin last year...I've got to get interested in Big-10 hoops. I'm an ACC/BigEast fanatic.