Friday, May 04, 2007

Perspective on VA bonuses

Bluestem Prairie has a post up with Congressman Walz' reaction to the news that VA employee's have received large bonuses, despite a $1 billion shortfall within the budget.

Bonuses ranged up to $33,000.

Lets put that into perspective.

According to the 2007 pay charts, the only members in the miltary that are making more than $33,000 a year are those at or above the pay grade of E-6 or Staff Sergeant.

By and large, the members that are being treated by the VA fall below the rank of E-6.

I am pleased to see that Congressman Walz has had such a strong response to this issue. I am appalled that bonuses are being paid out to government employees, bonuses that exceed the annual salaries of the majority of our military.

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