Friday, May 04, 2007

More MnSCU Board of Trustee issues

The Startribune is reporting that the confirmation of Dan McElroy to the MnSCU Board of Trustee's may be held up in the Senate.

The story raises some significant questions about the composition of most of these boards. McElroy is not the only MnSCU Board of Trustee member who holds more than one position. As a matter of fact, all of these individuals have full time jobs in various fields across the state. The 3 students who serve on this board are full time students as well.

Having worked with this board in the past, I know that each member of this board has always been open to student opinions and provided great service to the system and our state, regardless if we agree or disagree on the policies they have implemented.

With a solid Pawlenty appointed majority now on the MnSCU Board, Pawlenty's pet initiatives have a strong foot in the door to become reality. Our higher education institutions are places where great ideas come forward. Pushing initiatives, such as the "Centers for Excellence" are good ideas when they do not detract from the base programs at our schools.

I wonder if McElroy has pushed some of the Governor's initiatives and word has gotten back to the leigislature?

If the Senate rejects this appointment, will they reject similar appointments in the future?

Is this merely a political ploy?

There are a lot of questions surrounding this appointment and future appointments.

I hope we get answers sooner than later!

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