Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

More than 1000 US Soliders have been killed since the last Memorial Day gatherings across the United States. Unfortunately, it appears that we will be holding Memorial Day gatherings over the next few years with soldiers still deployed in Iraq.

At 8am yesterday, Memorial Day festivities kicked off in Cokato with a 21 gun salute of the fallen. By 10am parade units were lined up and ready to go!

While short, the Memorial Day parade in Cokato was well attended. Despite great Veterans centered events all across Greater Minnesota yesterday, I was pre-occupied with thoughts of a story I first read at deadissue.

And after we got here, they told us this time it would be 15 months. Subject to extensions, as well. My contract of enlistment expires in July. This July. I'm being stop-lossed for over a year because the Army is so desparate for soldiers.

This kid is going to get stop lossed for more than a year? I cannot fathom that. My first team leader in the Army, SGT Ward, was the victim of stop loss as well. While he was professional, you could tell he really did not want to be there. Stop lossing soldiers for short deployments is not a good idea. Keeping them for more than a year after their contracts expire is cruel...and status quo for the Bush Administration.

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Al said...

It is a national disgrace that gets no attention in the mainstream press. The level of apathy in regards to stop loss during these past number of years will be something that always remains branded into my perception of this country. I know you feel the same way. Seems to only be soldiers and former soldiers who have an appreciation for this injustice.