Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A soldier speaks out

This kid is going to get an Article 15 for sure...but unfortunately, President Bush will simply play lip service or straight out ignore this young soldier!

Why are we here when this country still to date does not want us here? Why does our president’s personal agenda consume him so much, that he can not pay attention to what is really going on here?

Dissention within the ranks is growing, faster and faster. Soldiers are blogging and writing about their frustrations in Iraq. They provide powerful testimony about the quagmire in Iraq and the lack of any coherent strategy from our military leaders.

No wonder the military elites have worked to silence these hero's. They provide an accurate first person account of what exactly is going on in Iraq. This recent post by Alex provides greater perspective on the clusterfuck in Iraq.

Recently, a general finally manned up and said we need reinforcements in Diyala. There simply aren’t enough guys to control it. Until now, it has been under Mussolini scrutiny. In Fascist Italy, it was said the trains always ran on time, even when they didn’t. Reports sent up here have said what a great job we’re doing and that our manpower was enough to overtake Baqubah. Those reports cost my friends their lives. The day Chevy died, there were Bradleys in front of him. They waited patiently for a Stryker to pass over triple stacked anti-tank mines to see what it would do to a Stryker. The most sophisticated Army in the history of the planet is getting torn up by fifty cents worth of wire and explosives made in a bathtub. We’re expected to intimidate a group of people who are begging to die as martyrs with laser guided bombs and low flying jets. If you shake a fist at a beehive, they’ll sting you regardless.

Yesterday while I watched over the same street where seven men lost their lives, a kid that lived in the house asked me, “Why you come Iraq?” I told him, because they told me to. I didn’t try to explain I was sent by a group of men who didn’t know what it was like to be stung. But we wouldn't go looking for the hive, in a perfect world.

It's nice to see the military regulated like Nortwest Airlines. You know what I'm talking about...airlines are on time if the door is closed for departure, even if you sit 45 minutes on the runway or at the gate. Reports are exaggerated to keep the Generals happy and to make Major's into Lt. Colonels and so on and so forth.

I am proud that these young soldiers are sticking their collective necks out and getting this information to the American public. In light of the Gonzales scandal, Iraq and other Bush Administration mistakes, I'm happy to see the truth out there somewhere, even if we have to dig a bit for it.

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Al said...

The ban on communications is being challenged in real time by these soldiers! This is really historic what's happening here. By September we should have a serious collection of these to forward to Congress.

I want to notify my rep and senator right now to this letter and insist that they inquire on the soldier's well being until he arrives back home. If this action prompts the kind of intimidation I think it will, then we all need to step up for this guy!

Thanks for posting this - I'm going to echo this on deadissue shortly.