Thursday, May 10, 2007

Moorhead students bold statement on smoking bans

For months, the Legislature squabbled over restrictions to a statewide smoking ban.

Could someone still smoke in a bar but not a restaurant?

Smoke in a tractor or a big rig?

In the end, it would appear as though a tough statewide ban will be in place on August 1st.

Students at Minnesota State University, Moorhead "one upped" the legislature.

They banned smoking on all 440 acres of campus, inside and out. Faculty and staff overwhelmingly support the ban with 66% very likely supporting the ban.

Students were supportive as well, with 43% being very likely to support the ban.

Kudos to all those involved.

I can recall the heated conversations about closing the smoking room in Atwood, at St Cloud State. I spent a few minutes in that room one day to check it out and see what the fuss was about.

Wow...the smoking room was absolutely disgusting! I am not sure if I was dirtier from spending 45 days out in Yakima Washington or 5 minutes in the smoking room.

Ultimately, students decided to close this room. The same students who decided we wanted to pay for a foot washing room for our Islamic students.

Too bad we can't get enough of these students, full of wisdom, to replace some of the "old guard" down in St Paul!

We'll be working on that for 08!

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