Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ready 4 K ad and other Strib bits!

Anyone catch the 1/4 page ad from Ready 4 K in the Strib today? Check out page A9! Thanks BK!

It's a doozy! The ad is signed by 6 major President's and CEO's of major Twin Cities companies, 12 law enforcement leaders, and 9 religious leaders.

The message is really simple.

Invest more in our kids preparation for Kindergarten and the return on investment that pays off immensely in the future.

Kids perform better in school.

They get better jobs.

They get off of social welfare programs.

Less crime.

These kids become engaged in society, building stronger and safer communities.

Only a few more days remain until we learn if our state's leaders had the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing...invest in our kids.

We all know how Congresswoman Bachmann votes when it comes to the kids!

Another item of note from today's Strib was the photo of President Bush. Under the headline "In the line of duty" you see the President leaning over a steel barrier talking to widows and family members of law enforcement officials killed in the line of duty.


He needed no barriers when talking to Focus on the Family czar James Dobson and other leaders of the religious right...and spent 90 minutes discussing Iran with them.

Was Bachmann there?

I wish we could hear 90 minutes of explanation...nevermind, I already listened to 3 hours of crap!

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