Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Urdahl puts politics before the people

Rep Dean Urdahl voted for the Omnibus Transportation Bill before he voted against it.

Constitutionally, the proceeds from the gas tax go directly into our states roads.

The net proceeds of the taxes shall be apportioned: 62 percent to the trunk highway fund; 29 percent to the county state-aid highway fund; nine percent to the municipal state-aid street fund.

That's billions of dollars that could have gone to roads that run across SD 18, like Highway's 55, 24, 22 and 15. Anyone who has driven these roads knows the disrepair many of these major roads have fallen in.

Take a ride down County Road 5 between Annandale and Cokato. You'll see the same problems.

Yesterday I spent more than 4 hours in Twin Cities traffic. An hour and a half from Maple Lake to St Michael!

Urdahl claims to understand that transportation is a significant issue for HD 18B. If that is truly the case, he would not play politics with transportation funding.

He voted for the bill on May 14th because it was a good bill. It would raise taxes, but it would benefit the whole greater than the individual sacrifice, a sign of good legislation.

It was only after a meeting with Governor Pawlenty, and surely some stern discussions with Minority Leader Seifert, that Urdahl folded.

Governor Pawlenty did not elect Dean Urdahl.

Marty Seifert did not elect Dean Urdahl.

The people of HD 18B elected Dean Urdahl and must hold him accountable for putting politics before the people.

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