Monday, June 25, 2007

Banaian wrong again...

Dr Banaian posts on his site.

Mr. Kimball is not a student at SCSU at this time. Having left the university,
he is not subject to any special consideration from me as a faculty member. I
checked this before agreeing to do the story on the show by establishing he no
longer had an email account at the university. He has never been in one of my
classes and his resume indicates he left the university in 2006.

Shoot me an email at, see if my email address works, since I am not a student and all...

The resume was from 2006 indicating that I am still in school, I never said Graduate.

Once again, Dr Banaian has failed to do some proper documentation and has misconstrued the facts.

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Avidor said...

Selections from a King Banian/Banaian interview:

" The fact that some guy doesn’t have a PhD, has questionable scholoarship, and yet is tenured and a chair of a department at a major American university. I’ve got that thing going on in many places at Saint Cloud State."

"The issue is that speech on campuses is being suppressed. Standards on campus are being reduced in a desire to not have anybody offended, or have anybody thrown out who has the proper viewpoint of the world."

"The honesty of scientific inquiry is just vital to campuses around the world. That we can both present evidence to support a hypothesis, and that we can agree that the data supports or does not support the hypothesis."

"We have lax standards. We have a suppression of free speech. Those are the two most important issues. The honesty of scientific inquiry is just vital to campuses around the world."

"There are places on my campus where one is allowed to speak freely and places where you’re not allowed. There are free speech zones at Saint Cloud State. There are free speech zones on many campuses. My first act would be to abolish that."

"We have people on our campus though who use such things as Deconstructive theory, Post-Modernism, or so on, to sort of say that evidence is dead. I don’t understand that. If evidence is really dead than how do we ever prove that anyone is ever guilty of a crime for example? "

Speaking of withholding evidence, (something the Bush/Cheney administration is fond of) the podcast from King and Korb's Saturday show is still not up on their podcast archive.