Monday, June 25, 2007

A national post on the Hellier issue

Free Exchange on Campus has a post up about the Hellier/Pawlenty mess.

To be clear, it's not Mr. Hellier's political affiliation that's the problem - it's his lack of experience. Elected officials have every right to appoint officials who share their political and ideological views, however much we might disagree with those views. But the public expects these appointments to be issued on the basis of the nominees' experiences and abilities.

Governor Pawlenty has been presented with two nominees who have demonstrated a commitment to student government and who are highly qualified to serve as trustees, one of whom is a conservative. Fast-tracking a nominee based solely on his or her partisan loyalties does a great disservice to the students at Minnesota's public colleges and universities and is the worst kind of cronyism.

Well put!

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Avidor said...

Still no podcast of Banian's rant on the NARN radio show archives.

Also, the other candidate on the NARN show, Adam Weigold said Hellier may have met the qualifications, but didn't research what he needed to do for the appointment... not bothering to look up the statute on the web in my opinion doesn't make Hellier look very competent as a student.

Also, what happened to those Facebook comments?