Friday, June 01, 2007

Lunch with the Senator

This post is long overdue!

About a month or so now, I spent a day down in St Paul, talking to Senator Dille and others about the Depleted Uranium legislation that was making its way through the House and Senate.

I must admit, it was a bit odd heading down there for the first time since the election. I made my way down their early, took a spin through the State Office Building, just like "Toby Ziegler" and I used to do. Ran into Tim and a few other friends who are Legislative Assistants and other politicos as well.

The Senate had adjourned about an hour early and I actually caught Senator Dille as he was leaving the Senate Chambers. He took me past the Sergeants At Arms and we sat up front in the Senator's and Paul Koering's seats for about 30 minutes just talking about what was going on in St Paul and the past election.

We walked around the Chambers of the Senate and the Senator introduced me to several of his GOP colleagues, introducing me as the "young man who gave me a good run for the money this past fall."

Lunch in the Capitol was pretty good. We talked at length about the importance of the Depleted Uranium legislation and I provided him with my 4in notebook of research and information on the issue. He had not seen the images of what Depleted Uranium exposure does to a fetus and infants.

I find it ironic that the pro-life community has no problem shoving photos of "aborted fetuses" to me but cringes at the images of DU exposed children, calling the photos "vile".

We took a walk back to his office in the SOB and chatted for nearly an hour more. He was really interested in what my future political plans were. I won't divulge the details as of now, but I do continue to hold some aspirations for future political office...House or Senate, who knows...

The day with Senator Dille was a pretty interesting day to say the least. While I still do not agree with him on many issues, I do hold a great amount of respect for him what he has done in his 20 years in St Paul.

But if he chooses to run again in 2010, he'll have an opponent for sure!

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