Friday, June 01, 2007

You suck Arbys!

Homestyle fries are dead!

In my travels through the cities I often hit an Arby's to get a dry Roast Beef Sandwich and some good ol homestyle fries. The last few days my attempts to purchase these delicious fries have been usurped by evil.

The days in which you could get a bit of homestyle fries with some curly fries are over.

Arby's is dead to me.

Back in 1985, Coke changed to "new" Coke, which was more aptly named shitty Coke. I remember my first drink of that wretched softdrink at a small diner in Portland, North Dakota. It sucked and I still remember it.

I was relieved when Coca Cola Classic was revisited.

Perhaps Arby's will realize the error of their ways. Is this a nationwide thing or can I blame Governor Pawlenty for this one too?

Damn you Arby' had a good thing and messed it up!

Until then, Hardee's gets my business.

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