Monday, June 04, 2007

The right wing cat fight...

Everyone on the right is scurrying to figure out the who, what, when and where of the Startribune's posting of an internal memo noting financial reporting irregularities and harassment of staff members who questioned these practices.

Andy at Residual Forces got the initial wag of the finger from party insiders, as he has been bombarded with email asking if he were the source of the leak.

Andy denies it.

Michael Brodkorb is on Residual Forces asking questions, but has nothing up on his own site.

So as the party insiders scramble to figure out who leaked the memo, party officials and activists alike are providing their own spin on the scandal.

Joe Repya, running against Carey for Chair, and adamantly supported by Residual Forces, has his spin posted.
I was one of two people in the nation to serve as a veteran’s spokesperson for
President George W. Bush.

And they still did not get body armor, armored HMMV's, quality care at Walter Reed and a slew of other Veterans and soldiers needs.

I'm not sure I would admit if I were a veterans spokesperson for President Bush...

The Lady Logician has a great rant on her site.

Lloydletta is doing a great job of putting this stuff together at his site as well! Lloydletta provides us with one missing piece that LL did not provide. The author of the damning Repya letter is Rory Koch.

Now it took me a few minutes to recall Rory. He is the 4th CD GOP Party Chair, according to the letter. And he is also the Legislative Assistant for Tom Emmer and former LA for Dean Urdahl. Rory's a good guy though, Toby and I had some pretty good chats with Rory the past few years...

I'd be willing to bet that if Drew Emmer supports Carey, so does Tom. I wonder where Urdahl stands in this whole mess?

It'll be interesting to see where the delegates go this coming weekend. Carey has seen his fair share of scandals in recent months and the performance of the party under his reign has been lackluster at best, although they did beat some liberal in Wright, Meeker, and McLeod Counties this past election!

But...despite these misgivings, Carey has at least remained loyal to the party. Delegates may shy away from a candidate who has stated,
“I turned down the offer because of the despicable condition the Minnesota Party
is in following a greatly mismanaged and poorly executed election in 2006.”
(emphasis mine) - Joe Repya, May 23, 2007

With the conservative bloggers each roughing out their turf in this final week before the party chair elections, lefties like me will be busy sitting back and watching the dissension within the GOP ranks.

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