Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Transportation inflation

Dave Mindeman has a great post up at mnpACT! about Goveror Pawlenty's veto of two transportation bills and it's impact.
The cost of the project is $288 million. That is a daunting figure, but what is
most troubling is that, looking back a few years, you can see that MNDOT had the
project's 2004 cost set at $212 million. That is a 36% increase in cost over a 3
year period..... still think inflation doesn't matter, Governor?

Great work! Didn't the Strib have a piece out a few weeks ago that stated 48 of 50 states budget for inflation, on both the expense and revenue sides of the ledger?

Frankly, the soundbite that accounting for inflation "puts government on auto-pilot" is absurd.

BTW, speaking of obstructionists who put politics before their constituents, we have one of those too...

Dean Urdahl

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