Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More on Olson and Bachmann

I was "out of the net" most of the day yesterday.

Congresswoman Bachmann came back from Iraq. Apparently some haven't figured out that the "Surge" is not working.

Perhaps she should have spoken to lower enlisted soldiers about the war, like Army of Dude!

His caption on this photo states "the roads are too dangerous to drive on, so we must resupply using push carts. Baqubah, Iraq."

Dump Mark Olson is covering the Olson trial and the Rep's newest accusation, that he was in fact the subject of spousal abuse.

With is previous fits of rage documented at Dump Mark Olson, I do have a hard time believing that his abusive past did not play a significant role in the alleged abuse of his current wife.

Keep up with this story via updates at Dump Mark Olson.

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