Sunday, July 29, 2007

More on Pat Tillman

Once again, its been a busy week!

2300 pages of testimony surrounding the death of Pat Tillman were released this week through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The facts outlined in the report are shocking.

The doctors - whose names were blacked out - said that the bullet holes were so
close together that it appeared the Army Ranger was cut down by an M-16 fired
from a mere 10 yards or so away.

In his last words moments before he was killed, Tillman snapped at a panicky comrade under fire to shut up and stop "sniveling."
It was noted that Tillman was killed by 3 gunshots in the forehead.

Army attorneys sent each other congratulatory e-mails for keeping criminal
investigators at bay as the Army conducted an internal friendly-fire investigation that resulted in administrative, or non-criminal, punishments.

So, while hindering an investigation into the possible murder of a soldier, Army attorney's congratulated themselves?

It's a mere shadow of the Army I served in from 1990--2001.

The three-star general who kept the truth about Tillman's death from his family and the public told investigators some 70 times that he had a bad memory and couldn't recall details of his actions.
Of course not! The Attorney General defense plays out well here. Keep saying "I can't recall" and it will be alright! After all, accountability is a mantra of the Bush Administration.

No evidence at all of enemy fire was found at the scene - no one was hit by enemy fire, nor was any government equipment struck.

Now this is disturbing. After being told Tillman died in a firefight of epic proportions, we find out that, actually, no one was hit by enemy fire and that the highly trained rebels were unable to even hit a piece of equipment, much less a solider? Really?

Iraq War Veteran Jon Soltz ponders if there was a nefarious plot hatched to off Tillman. From Think Progress...
We know he was a free thinker. But it leads you to think was this guy killed possibly by people that didn’t like his political views or was he killed accidentally? We had a time in the war when the Abu Ghraib scandal broke in April 2004 in Iraq; we had basically the Iraqi Tet offensive where the Shiite militias rose up and the contractors were burned at the stake; the President was facing the election and he decided not to go into Fallujah for six months. Did they use him to justify, politically, bad policy in Iraq?

To be clear, no one is accusing the White House of conspiring to kill Tillman. But with the White House citing "executive privilege" as their reason for not turning over records on the death of Pat Tillman, it makes you really wonder what the hell is going on here?


Name any Veteran who has died in which any "White House" has offered "executive privilege" when pressed for details on their death.

On the heels of yet another Soldier/Veteran suicide here in Minnesota, the treatment of our troops and Veterans is more and more important.

The death of Pat Tillman was tragic.

The cover-up and distortion of facts by Army leadership and the White House is criminal.

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