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One of the best letters I have ever seen

In the comments section over at Think Progress.

Love the definition of Chickenhawk as well!

A chickenhawk is also one who calls for war or the continuation of a war that he himself would not fight in. He calls on you to do what he himself would not do. It’s not just relevant to someone who has never fought in a war but also for someone who won’t fight in a war yet still clamors for everyone else to do it

Sounds a lot like Michele Bachmann...


A call to Congressman Turner and all his “chickenhawks” friends:

Although I retired from the Army in 1983 and will be 69 in 4 days, I am heeding President Bush’s call to join the surge and fight “evil” in Iraq. I have good skills. In Vietnam I fought in the middle of a civil war, was ambushed, had friends killed by IEDs and was on the receiving end of rocket and mortar attacks numerous times.

Because I am overage, and need a waiver to return to active duty, I will appeal directly to President Bush with this letter.

Dear Mr. President,

You have convinced me that if we fight terrorism in Iraq long enough we will win militarily. I know we are shorthanded because you are calling up an additional 12,000 National Guard troops this summer. So I am prepared to return to active duty immediately. Given my prior service and age, I have several requests I hope you will see fit to grant.

While I retired as a lieutenant colonel, I want to return as a sergeant so I can lead a squad in combat. I also want to stay not for a year, but until we achieve victory. I should live long enough. My Dad, a WWII vet, died at 88.

I want my squad to consist of personnel committed to the war. Your neoconservative co-conspirators, who supported the war with Iraq as early as 1992, will undoubtedly enthusiastically volunteer to join me. Pugnacious Bill Kristol, who called for attacking Iran to free the British sailors, will be my point man on patrol. Dick Cheney, a deadeye with a lifetime of hunting experience, will be my sniper. Doug Feith, who prepared the “intelligence” which got us into the war when he was head of the Office of Special Plans will, of course, be in charge of intelligence. John Bolton, a superb diplomat, will be responsible for liaison with the Iraqis and remaining members of the “Coalition of the Willing”. Paul Wolfowitz, architect of the Bush Doctrine which resulted in the Iraq invasion, will be in charge of mission operations to insure that financial support for our efforts is siphoned off to Halliburton. Scooter Libby, a fixer for Vice President Cheney, will maintain our equipment (if you pardon him so he can enlist). Entrepreneurial Richard Perle will be our quartermaster. I’m sure he will keep us well provisioned. And last, but not least, I want Fred Kagan, who, lacking military experience and knowledge of the Middle East, nonetheless devised the surge, our key to success in Iraq. He will be the machine gunner in the open turret of our lightly armored Humvee.

We don’t ask for special treatment, only that which you afford all soldiers and Marines. Pre-deployment training will be abbreviated. We won’t be trained in insurgent tactics until we arrive. Our equipment will come from the squad we replace. (I’d rather not use hand-me-downs in combat, but it is more important to fund Halliburton rather than using funds to procure equipment for the troops.) As Secretary Rumsfeld said, “You go to war with the equipment you have.”

In Iraq, we’ll serve on convoy duty, to participate in the IED and ambush “experience” first hand. We will go on nightly raids where we knock down doors and take the men away. Doug Feith will interrogate them according to rules you and Alberto devised. Then we will be assigned to work in Sadr City with Iraqi police of unknown allegiance. Living with them should be quite interesting as we are exposed to death and dismemberment from rocket and mortar attacks, the occasional sniper, IEDs, and suicide bombers, not to mention the hostile Shiite populace.

We will undoubtedly suffer casualties, even men killed in action. I only ask that the dead be buried in Arlington Memorial Cemetery with full military honors, presided over by you, our Commander-in-Chief. I am sure our wounded will receive excellent treatment at the VA. Please hire additional VA administrative personnel, so we don’t have to wait for 18 months before receiving our benefits as at present. And please expand the definition of PTSD so we all qualify. It really doesn’t take too many IEDs, rocket attacks and views of the carnage when the bad guys blow up schools and markets for us to return home with serious issues which need to be resolved.

In conclusion, I am sure that sometime in the next 10 to 15 years you will be extremely proud when those of us who survive return home to report to you “Mission Accomplished.”

Very respectfully,

Fred Seamon
Lieutenant Colonel
U.S. Army, Retired

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