Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Startribune's attempt to create a race

H/T to Ollie at Bluestem Prairie for this gem!

The Strib ran a story on Congressman Walz and his reelection efforts, including the fallible foursome of Mark Meyer, Senator Dick Day, Rep Randy Demmer, and Brian Davis.

This fourpack of GOPers, running against each other for the opportunity to get thumped by the most personable politician this state has seen since Paul Wellstone, have raised the paltry amount of about $176,000 between the 4 of them.

Yet the Strib decides that this is a race? Did Sid Hartman write this piece? He's been delusional about the Twins, Vikings, Wolves, and Gophers for decades now. Perhaps someone was drinking from Sid's sippy cup...

The Startribune is creating a Congressional race in the Fighting 1st where one doesn't really exist yet. On the heels of the fluff piece in the Strib a few Sunday's ago about Congresswoman Bachmann, it would appear as though the Strib would endorse the ineffective and embarrassing soccer mom over the highly effective and personable teacher and Veteran.

I'm confused as how the largest daily publication in Minnesota can't recall that they actually ran a story about how Bob Olson switched from the Senate race to the House race. Even more baffling is the fact that Bob Hill has been in the 6th CD race since he has been in the race since at least March of this past year.

Despite the deep cuts to the staff at the Strib, someone ought to have the ability to do a Google search before running the statement that Congresswoman Bachmann only had one opponent.

In addition, Hill has more resources on hand, over $200,000, than the 4 Walz opponents combined. Furthermore, both Hill and Olson have had a strong presence at the County Fair circuit. I have heard both men speak publicly about the importance of building the foundation of a movement in Greater Minnesota. They have both spoken on how our "representative" in Washington does not represent the values of Minnesotans and the 6th CD.

While Bachmann will be the toughest GOP incumbent to beat in Minnesota going into 08, "The Bob's", Hill and Olson, stand a great chance in doing so.

By printing the Bachmann fluff piece two weeks ago, failing to do a fact check on the who's who of the CD 6 race, and failing to report on her politicization of the 35W bridge, shows a complete lack of intellectual honesty on the part of the Startribune and their editorial staff.

I'd rather be a Democrat running against Bachmann and her tumultuous first year in Congress, than being the Republican running against the Congressman who has kept true to his word before departing for Washington and has been very active amongst constituents throughout their district.

Instead of creating a race in the Fighting First, perhaps the Strib ought to cover the one brewing here in the 6th!

*Update* Dump Bachmann is covering the story as well!

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