Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Take a Stand thoughts, observations, etc

Unfortunately, I was unable to make the event in St Cloud last night. I did catch a post over at MN Blue about an Iraq War Vets struggle to get Congressman Ramstad to listen. Check out the post in it's entirety.
I learned how to cope with the torment of suicidal thoughts, and that I’m not alone in that. A handful of guys from my unit confessed to me that they are plagued with the same thoughts. If that’s not bad enough, a few developed a nasty little habit known as cutting. If you’re unfamiliar with the term I’ll outline it for you. When someone experiences severe emotional trauma or is put in a position where they must numb themselves from life they may seek to feel something else. Sitting alone in a room with a knife, they cut themselves, and they feel something else.

These are some of the lessons that the men and women who fight on your behalf are learning every single day. These are the burdens that we carry for the rest of our lives. I won’t speak to the legitimacy of this war tonight, but I ask that as you contemplate it you remember that there are nearly four thousand dead American soldiers, seven times as many wounded and no one comes home undamaged. For those of you who want to do something but are hesitant for whatever reason, I implore you to get active on behalf of the men and women who risk everything for us. Your voice does matter, and NOW is the time to a stand.

Congressman Ramstad, I ask you to justify your continued support of President Bush’s policies in Iraq. When a person decides that they will risk their life for their country, they cross a bridge that few do, and they gain a wisdom that few have. I have crossed that sacred bridge, and Congressman Ramstad I tell you that this war is not worth the blood that it costs to fuel it. The next time you are faced with a vote concerning the war, side with America, and side with the troops that live and die defending her. Bring the troops home, and give us the care that we need and deserve.

Congresswoman Bachmann is an even stronger supporter of President Bush's failed Iraq policy. In fact, the organizers of the event in St Cloud went to great lengths to secure Congresswoman Bachmann's presence at the event.

Bachmann's staffers had two requests.

1. All attendees must have a valid Minnesota drivers license showing that they are a constituent in the 6th CD. While I get it, what about all of those college students moving in up at St Cloud who don't have a license saying they live in the 6th? I guess the Congresswoman does not want to hear from them.

2. All questions must be written on paper and screened by a Bachmann staffer.

From what I have heard, the organizers of the event were more than willing to accommodate both requests and told the Congresswoman's staff this.

Why was the Congresswoman AWOL last night?

Why doesn't the Congresswoman want to hear from her constituents?

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