Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bachmann dumps her constituents

Dump Bachmann has the coverage of Congresswoman Bachmann's refusal to discuss Iraq with her constituents.

Chase Golding from the Iraq Summer Group comments at the Dump Bachmann blog.
Congresswoman Bachmann's staff continues to ignore all invitations to the "Take a Stand Day" town hall Tuesday night, so the Representative will not be in attendance. Doesn't matter. Her constituents have been dealing with an absent and out of touch Representative for months on end, and this issue is too important for Minnesotans not to speak out simply because Michele has her fingers in her ears. This event will be great! If you are able to come to the Atwood Center at St. Cloud State tomorrow at 6:30, please join us -- the more voices we have, the harder it will be for our members of Congress across the country to continue ignoring our plea for an end to the war in Iraq. This event, along with the Ramstad and Coleman Take a Stand town halls, will be excellent! Please come and pack your car with friends if you can at all, and get someone else to come in your place if you can't. Thank you for your continued support, and let's keep this pressure on Bachmann, Ramstad, Coleman and others across the country until they end this war!

John Kline and the 4 man circus running for the GOP nomination in the 1st should be in this group as well, before Ramstad in my humble opinion!

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