Sunday, August 26, 2007

Welcome Armyofdude readers!

For those of us in Minnesota, our favorite blogger in Iraq made it in LA Times this weekend for his blogging on the quagmire in Iraq.
"This occupation, this money pit, this smorgasbord of superfluous aggression is getting more hopeless and dismal by the second," a soldier in Diyala province, north of Baghdad, wrote in an Aug. 7 post on his blog," The only person I know who believed Iraq was improving was killed by a sniper in May," the blogger, identified only as Alex from Frisco, Texas, said in a separate e-mail.

Congrats to Alex at Armyofdude!

New visitors, feel free to browse about what's going on in Minnesota Politics.

Heres a few links worthy of your time.

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Alex said...

Thanks dude! This is all very surprising.I thank you for being there when you, my dad and Lauren were the only ones leaving comments. I'll keep you updated on any backlash I receive.


Adam said...


Go Alex!