Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The 6th CD Race: Labor

I had some nice conversations last night in St Paul about the race in the 6th, between Bob Olson, Hill and Tinklenberg. The sentiment is consistent throughout; Tinklenberg is not a solid candidate in the 6th.

While he came close to defeating Patty Wetterling for the 6th endorsement in 2006, Patty was always ahead. Some may side with Tinklenberg because of how the race in the 6th "went down", with Patty going back on her word and running against "the Tink".

A sympathy vote for Tinklenberg does nothing to defeat Michele Bachmann. In fact, it hurts Democrats in the 6th. Why?

Moderate Republicans who are embarrassed by the Congresswoman's antics in Washington won't vote for Tinklenberg. Why would they vote for a pro-life, anti same sex marriage and at times, anti civil union, and pro war Democrat? They have all of that in Bachmann.

He will not appeal to moderates on choice and same sex marriage. Social conservatives will vote for Bachmann.

Bob Olson will appeal to moderate Republicans, not only on choice and same sex marriage, but also in his expertise in the Federal Tax code and his work on sustainable energy.

Sustainable energy sources will produce jobs in the 6th and will provide income for our farmers.

It's a win-win situation.

I recall the battle in May 2006 over the DFL endorsement in the 6th. Labor got involved early with the Tinklenberg campaign and provided some significant funds to assist in his efforts.

Once Patty Wetterling won the endorsement, many of these labor groups were faced with the daunting task of coming up with more money to support yet another candidate.

Rumors are flying across the 6th that several major unions across the state are moving forward early to endorse a candidate in the 6th.

What's the big hurry? While Tinklenberg raised a boatload of money in 2006, no one will have a clear snapshot of his financial standing until at least January 31, 2008. While officially unofficially in the race here in the 6th, by delaying his announcement, Tinklenberg will most likely miss the October quarterly filing report, a mere 2 weeks away.

My thoughts on this are simple.

I saw what labor went through in the 6th in 2006 by endorsing candidates early. I would hope that Union leadership throughout the state would sit back and let the candidate’s duke it out for a bit, and endorse after.

I'd prefer it after the endorsing convention, but I am not that naive.

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