Friday, September 21, 2007

Tinklenberg LTE in the SC Times

The SC Times has a LTE supporting Tinklenbergs run for Congress

Tinklenberg was, and is, right choice for district
By Ed O’Brien, Waite Park

Elwyn Tinklenberg was the right candidate in 2006 and will be the right candidate in 2008 for the U.S. House 6th District seat.

The DFL will do well to welcome him to the race, endorse him and start him on his way to replace the embarrassment caused by our current representation.

While I agree that we should replace our current "representation" in Washington, I firmly believe that Elywn Tinklenberg is not the right man, nor was he in 2006.

We need leadership. The leadership void in the 6th has been long absent by being represented by Mark Kennedy and now Michele Bachmann. Both have been lap dogs for a Bush agenda, while sacrificing the core values of our district.

I like Elwyn. He's a nice guy.

But, in my opinion, he is not a leader. Leaders step forward before things like the 35W bridge collapse and the Iraq War, not after. Many will cite Tinklenbergs work at Transportation Commissioner under Ventura as a contributing factor to the transportation nightmare facing Minnesota.

If Tinklenberg wants to run on transportation issues, he should move out to Wright County and run for a State Representative seat against Dean Urdahl, who is equally as guilty for the transportation nightmare in Minnesota.

His stance on the Iraq War is troubling to me as well. He would have supported this flawed plan, based on the information provided at the time.

Trouble is, many of us protested the present war as early as 2002. The info WAS out there! Senator Paul Wellstone gave a powerful speech on the floor of the Senate in October, 2002.

He was 100% correct.

The information was available in 2002 and in 2006. It simply took courage to stand up to the right wing machine and a morally bankrupt Bush Administration. Saying you support a policy based on "the information available at the time" is an excuse.

I am tired of excuses.

We don't need another politician who cannot articulate a solid, courageous, and consistent policy on the important issues of the day.

We don't really know where Tinklenberg stands on issues. He's been on both sides of the fence too many times for me.

That's why I support Bob Olson for Congress. His stance does not waver in the strong political winds that move through Minnesota and the 6th.

He is a man of conviction and a straight shooter.

He is a leader.

When gas was a buck, he was working on sustainable and renewable energy issues. He's a leader in our communities.

I want to win in 2008! That's why I am supporting Bob Olson for Congress in 2008.

Bob Olson is the right candidate at the right time in the 6th CD.

Stay tuned...Blueman is getting fired up!

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