Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blueman is back!

Sorry for the nearly 2 week hiatus. Between some work down at the U of M, getting a year older, and other DFL events, my time was strapped.

So, here are a few quips for the day, as I get my sea legs back.

Dennis Kucinich will be on the Ed Schultz show today. Actually, he will be on the show for the entire 3 hour tour!

Dennis Kucinich will take to the airwaves for an unprecedented three hours today (Wednesday) when he becomes the first Presidential hopeful to accept the
invitation of one of the nation's premiere radio broadcasters, Ed Schultz, for a
no-holds-barred discussion of the issues, the candidates, and the priorities in
the 2008 campaign.

Check it out on AM 950 locally.

Why haven't the other candidates taken Schultz up on his offer?

MN Blue has some interesting comparisons between Bob Olson and Bob Hill, both running for the 6th CD DFL endorsement.

I agree with MN Blue, that Olson does have some great analysis on the Iraq War debate, sustainable energy, and the inequalities in taxation in the United States.
Technology is no longer the biggest barrier to the acceptance of wind energy production and usage. There are misperceptions that wind costs more to use, is unprofitable unless procured in large wind farms, and is solely the purview of the utility companies. American Sustainable Energy is working to change that. ASE encourages businesses, municipalities, and the public to adapt their thinking and methodologies to incorporate wind energy. It is sound both environmentally and economically. Wind belongs to everyone.

Bringing farmers and labor together...what a concept!

On Iraq?
"The Iraq War is stupid," Bob explained when I began with asking his position on the Iraq War. "I hate to say it that way, but it's true. What if after the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese we would've attacked China? That would be similar to what the Bush Administration did.

Having spoken to Olson about this issue, he's significantly deeper than this as well.

Anyway, I apologize for the abrupt end to this post! Gotta head into work! We'll post more later tonight!

Check out Kucinich on Ed Schultz today!

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Al Swearengen said...

Wanted to check in and point out that Norm Coleman is voting his ass right out of that senate seat!