Monday, September 24, 2007

Dille on the gas tax

Senator Dille has a piece in the Annandale Advocate discussing the difference between Federal and State gas taxes.

I hope Dean Urdahl reads least one of our locally elected representatives gets it!
Many people have communicated with me about supporting a gas tax increase if it is used only for roads. They are concerned that revenue could be diverted to the general fund and used for transit or some non-transportation purpose. This concern about the Minnesota gas tax is not valid.

100% of the State gas tax is used for the roads.
Metro area legislators are generally not supportive of this distribution formula. They want more money for mass transit (buses, light rail and commuter rail). Rural legislators on the other hand are usually supportive because the current formula favors greater Minnesota where there are more miles of highway than in metro areas.

Others really have no idea where they stand on Transportation, until they come out of Principal's office!

Urdahl calls his vote to override the Governor's transportation veto "a meaningless vote".

Let's make sure that after 2008, Dean Urdahl never casts a meaningful vote again...

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