Monday, September 24, 2007

Move on!

Randy Demmer has now called out Congressman Walz, calling on him to denounce Move on!

Seriously? When Southern Minnesota is still battling the effects of the horrendous flood, Demmer focuses on Move On?

Meanwhile, Demmer is a asleep behind the wheel as Republicans on the House Veterans Affairs Committee applaud Congressman Walz work!

Should we start calling out Norm Coleman and have him denounce Rush Limbaugh, hatemonger Michael Savage, Ann Coulter and the rest of the right wing pundits who hurl hateful rhetoric on a daily basis?

Randy Demmer calling out Tim Walz? Really?

Ok, here goes!

Blueman calls upon Congresswoman Bachmann to denounce the hateful comments of Ann Coulter and Freedom Watch's deceptive ads.

I expect her to bring this to the floor ASAP...


Eric said...

Great idea! I'm all over it!

Norm, how about quid pro quo denouncements?

Isn't it funny how its all one way traffic for the Republicans? Do they ever feel shame? And I mean publicly?

The Big E is home to the Norm Coleman Weasel Meter

dorkyteacher said...

Shame only comes in the form of "misconstrued" advances in men's restrooms.

Al Swearengen said...

Norm Coleman also signed on to this Iran amendment. He's got to be toast.

The MoveOn thing is a distraction obviously, but the childishness of Republicans notwithstanding, it wasn't necessary to go that route. Especially if you're buying the space anyhow, why throw in the low-brow name calling?

I don't care what the situation is...I'm never going to be one of those dim motherfuc*ers out on a street corner somewhere waving pairs of flip flops over my head like an idiot. All that marketing BS is taking politics to a lower level.

The 'betrayus' thing wasn't that clever anyhow. It'd been said for weeks already.