Wednesday, October 31, 2007

From the Advocate: Demmer, Urdahl, etc

Last week the Annandale Advocate featured an opinion by Randy Demmer, State Representative from Hayfield, and one of the 4 GOPers duking it out for the right to get their rear end handed to them by Congressman Walz, down in the "Fighting First".

Check it out! It's the same story in small papers across Minnesota, but you get the idea.
If you want to see an example of partisanship at its worst, check out the ongoing hearings at the State Capitol regarding the Legislature's Transportation Funding Contingency Group.
Would it be nit-picky of me to point out that Demmer didn't even identify the actual name for the group looking at the Transportation funding?

It's actually the Transportation Contingent Appropriations Group, as correctly identified by Governor Pawlenty's Director of Communications, Brian McClung.

Demmer continues his partisan rant defending Lt Gov and Transportation Commissioner Carol Molnau.

Question for you Randy...

If a DFL Governor had appointed their Lt Governor to the head spot at MnDOT, and a bridge collapsed 5-6 years after said appointment, would the House Caucus sit on their hands and say nothing?

Do you really think Marty Seifert would have been silent? BTW, it would have been the first time...


Dean Urdahl reported on his epic townhall meeting in Hutchinson.
The large and passionate group which attended a town hall meeting in Hutchinson last week examined a number of topics vital to rural Minnesota.

An audience of about 75 area citizens shared thoughts with a panel of speakers at an Oct. 16 forum hosted by Ridgewater College. Rural economic development, agriculture, workforce development, education and nursing homes all were topics on the menu which rallied around job creation.

Flow of information is key as we prepare for the upcoming legislative session and opinions expressed at the recent gathering help to provide a vivid picture of what issues hit home in this area.

Exactly Dean, the flow of information is key. You missed the topic de jour for the night though, regardless of the "topic on the menu" the vast majority of the passionate group over indulged in the topic of taxes.

We'll have to get some of the Youtubes posted for this event and let the readers decide what actually happened in Hutchinson, the rabid nature in which Local 49ers were attacked for their transportation views and the lack of education discussion will be evident.

Lastly, in the print edition, a headline caught my eye.

"Olson to serve up to 40 years"

Unfortunately, it was not Mark Olson...

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