Monday, November 05, 2007

Bob Olson over at MN Campaign Report

It's really a great diary!
We can do this, but we're not going to get there by simply replacing Republicans with Democrats. We need to elect people committed to bold change, not a modified version of the status quo.

I'm running for Congress because it's time we stop talking about getting our troops out of Iraq's civil war and actually start bringing them home.

I'm running for Congress because we can end our lethal reliance on foreign oil, but for too long have chosen not to. Clean energy technology exits right here in Minnesota, it's just a matter of the federal government helping entrepreneurs foster its development on a larger scale.

I'm running for Congress because the Middle Class has been trickled on for too long. Look at the home foreclosure auctions, the rising number of uninsured Americans, soaring college tuition and the price at the gas pump. It's time we stop judging our economy by corporate earnings reports and pay closer attention to what's happening on Main Street.

Good work. Working and middle class Minnesotans are constantly getting squeezed.

In CD 6, we have 2005 active foreclosures.

72% of the local job postings pay less than $7.50 an hour and require absolutely no training or education beyond a high school level.

Bob gets this stuff. He's a business man. He's not a lobbyist.

While Elwyn Tinklenberg is a nice man, I see him as status quo, a part of the "old guard" in Minnesota politics.

Bob Olson is a refreshing change to the status quo and is our best shot at unseating Congresswoman Bachmann.

And Congresswoman Bachmann is AWOL.

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