Saturday, November 17, 2007

Army of Dude updates

It's been awhile since I have cross posted some good ole Army of Dude posts. Alex continues to do some amazing work on his blog.

Recently, Alex placed 2nd in the 2007 Weblogs Best Military Blogs contest, despite some of our help out here in Minnesota.

Alex recently started a series of posts called "Photo Story Monday" where he will post some of his Iraq pictures and share some of the stories behind the photo.

It's very powerful work!

He shares some convoy memories in his Veterans Day post...
I recall convoying on the highway through eastern Washington on our way to Yakima for training. Standing up in the back hatch, I watched as people drove by in their cars, honking and waving. Some even braved the wheel with one hand and took pictures with the other. Classic rock blared through the internal speakers, and we played air guitar for the confused passing motorists. When a Stryker broke down, Dozer and I sat on top of the hatches and lazily chatted for hours as the convoy was stopped on the side of the road. Like kids, we would make the motion for pulling the string for 18-wheelers as they went by. They gladly replied with long, thunderous honks of their horn.

Ah the convoys out to Yakima! We used to send out Bradley's out to Yakima on the train. Oh how I hated Yakima! Umtanum Ridge, the Indian burial grounds my Platoon Leader led us through where my Bradley "threw track", fighting wildfires along the Columbia River, the MPRC, and the forbidden Quizno's the Major and I used to frequent off the "short cut" from the cantonment area to the MPRC exit...

Thank you once again Alex for your great work!

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