Friday, November 16, 2007

Olson / Tinklenberg debate at St Cloud State

I wish I could have made this event but unfortunately, I worked until after 7. Good thing one of our favorite local bloggers covered the event!

Political Muse covered the event at St Cloud State last night. His coverage is posted at Liberal in the Land of Conservative as well as Dump Bachmann.

Check out the You Tubes!

Larry Schumacher at the SC Times also has coverage of the event!

Olson, a tax lawyer and bank co-owner who recently made St. Cloud his home, called out Bachmann on a litany of votes in Congress against Democratic bills to extend health care, fund transportation, bring American troops home from Iraq, end tax breaks for oil companies, increase aid to college students and more.

"This is not a family value. This is not a Minnesota value. This is not an American value," Olson repeatedly stated of Bachmann's choices in Congress.

Bob has been involved in the St Cloud area for more than 2 decades. He bought the St Stephen State Bank in 1986 and has been a St Cloud Chamber member since 1992. He's been involved locally for quite some time actually!

Tinklenberg apparently has stated he will abide by the DFL endorsement.

The DFL race would appear to be up to party delegates to decide, as Tinklenberg, who had avoided saying he would abide by the party's endorsement process earlier, appeared to commit Thursday.

I wonder what has changed recently to bring that statement forth, as we know previously, Tinklenberg representatives have stated that they would abide by an endorsement of the process was "open and fair".

Olson played to his strengths, which in my opinion, are better suited for the 6th!

A founder of the American Sustainable Energy Council, Olson emphasized a platform of calling for a deadline to withdraw American troops from Iraq, using tax incentives to jump-start renewable energy production and rolling back President Bush's tax cuts on wealthy individuals and families.

"I can no longer stand by and watch the middle class in this country be destroyed for the benefit of the rich," he said.

Olson said he would support ending the military's policy of discharging homosexuals from service, diplomacy and economic negotiations to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, public funding of campaigns and a bill making it easier for employees to form labor unions.

I am anxiously awaiting more coverage from Political Muse and others at the event. Sounds like Bob did a great job!

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