Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bachmann energy LTE in SC Times

Well...not quite sure what to think about this one.
Whatever may be her motive, she’s just given her constituents of the 6th District another great reason to support El Tinklenberg against her in the upcoming elections.

Tinklenberg, for one, knows that energy conservation is the first and most important step America needs to take on the path to energy independence and reductions in greenhouse gases.

Tinkleberg a subject matter expert on renewable and sustainable energy, creating energy independence and reducing greenhouse gases? Hmmm, interesting.

Using my blogging due diligence, I checked out Tinkleberg's campaign website, hoping I would find the golden nugget to energy independence and to reducing greenhouse gases.

Wow, that wreaked...and not of greenhouse gases!

Actually, his website says nothing of the such.

Nothing on global warming.

Nothing on sustainable energy.

Nothing on taxes.

Noting on the war in Iraq.

It almost literally says nothing.

Bob Olson's site on the other hand...that's a different story!

Olson actually talks about sustainable energy in his opening remarks on the site!

Heck, he even has a link so that you can read what Bob thinks about it!

Bob even founded the American Sustainable Energy Council, a nonprofit that focuses on renewable energy policy and projects.

Which leaves me completely perplexed right now.

Did Mr Schultz simply confuse these candidates? Clearly Tinklenberg's knowledge on sustainable energy pales in comparison to someone who founded a non-profit that focuses on renewable energy. While Elywn may have better hair than Bob, he does not have a better focus on energy policy.

Clearly, Bob Olson is a leader in sustainable energy and is working hard to lead America toward energy independence!

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