Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tinklenberg on the DFL endorsement

From the SD 19 meeting tonight in Buffalo. Man I wish I could have live blogged that thing!

On the DFL endorsement.

Bob Olson pledged to unify the party and abide by the endorsement.

Elwyn Tinklenberg stated "We will honor the endorsement if it is an honorable and straight forward process."

Which left many potential delegates asking the question, "What, what does that mean?"

Elwyn came back with "We will honor the endorsement if it is an honorable and fair process."

So, more to follow on this in the morning, but I am left with a few questions.

1. Was the process not honorable and straight forward in previous 6th CD conventions? Apparently so if this is an "issue".

2. Doesn't this go against all the "party building" rhetoric Tinklenberg opened the night with?

3. According to Tinklenberg's website, "I’m running for Congress because I am deeply concerned that polarizing and divisive politics is undermining our ability to deal with the serious problems we face and is threatening our fundamental commitment to a “common good”.

Calling into question the integrity of the 6th CD DFL endorsement process is not polarizing or divisive?

Well...Elwyn was pretty RED in the face when he got hit with this question.

Will he change his stance and abide by the endorsement or will he leave the delegates hanging on this one?

More to follow tomorrow...

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eric zaetsch said...

Is it this Don Schultz?

If it's a DFL official, prejudging things, that's --- immoderate, let's call it that. Caucuses are yet to come; and will Don Schultz abide by the endorsement?