Monday, December 10, 2007

Bob Olson on hate crimes legislation

This is exactly why I support Bob Olson, he is a political figure of a different mold, not of the status quo. He won't waver on the important issues to save his political soul. He'll stand up and do what is right!

Bob Olson Blasts Democrats' Handling of Hate Crimes Legislation

For Immediate Release
Contact: Christopher Truscott

ANOKA—Bob Olson, a DFL candidate in the 6th Congressional District, released the following statement regarding hate crimes legislation that stalled in the House of Representatives last week:

"Hate crimes legislation deserved an up-or-down vote on its merits last week. By attaching this important bill to a defense policy bill, House leadership is guilty of playing the same type of political games Republicans used for so long.

"I favor the legislation, which would extend hate crimes protection to people attacked because of their sexual orientation, and I'm simply appalled that Speaker Pelosi and her lieutenants have handled this matter so poorly.

"Others may oppose this legislation, but I think most people will agree that big issues should be debated and voted on—yes or no—in a forthright manner. Politics as usual has failed the American people for too long. I hope leadership finally learns that lesson."


Bob Olson is seeking the DFL endorsement for the 6th Congressional District seat currently help by Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Olson, a St. Cloud resident, is the owner of St. Stephen State Bank, the founder of the American Sustainable Energy Council and he also practices tax law.

He entered the race in July after being recruited by DFL leaders throughout the 6th District.

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Political Muse said...

Keep up the great work! I couldn't have said it any better myself. Bob is a man of principle over party and that is something sorely lacking in Washington.