Monday, December 10, 2007

Is Bruce Anderson really concerned about our tax dollars?

Larry Schumacher at the St Cloud Times has a pretty interesting blog post up about Rep Bruce Anderson not "hearting" committee spending.

Anderson takes House DFLers to task for increasing the per diem from $66 to $77 a day, doubling committee budgets from $324,000 to $646,000 per session, and having more meetings during the off-season in his latest news column.

In addition...

As a fiscal conservative I am strongly opposed to any and all expenditures which do not show a reasonable return on the investment. Each month I receive a statement in the mail from my financial advisor telling me how my investments did for the month and what the returns were. When I look at what is happening in the legislature I see the “investments” are steadily increasing, but I can’t see any notable “return” from these expenditures and that greatly troubles me as a legislator and a taxpayer.

Really? Rep Anderson took per diem on 136 of 139 session days, 75 of which they were considered legislative days, hauling in a total of $20,402.73 in "alternate compensation".

Can Rep Anderson produce any evidence of a "reasonable return on the investment"?

It troubles him as a legislator and a taxpayer, yet cannot refrain from filling his face at the trough?

Blueman does not heart politicians who are hypocritical...

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